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Your benefits may be changing

If you receive a letter called a Universal Credit Migration Notice with a deadline on it, you’ll have to apply for Universal Credit as your legacy benefits will be stopping. I...

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Our annual resident open event

This year’s resident open event is happening on Thursday 11 July and Tuesday 16 July at our office on Sheldon Street. We’d love for our residents to join us!  The days are ...

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Money Matters – June 2024 edition

A Resident’s story - Rent arrears Many individuals and families are struggling with rent arrears and financial difficulties, especially in the current economic climate. Take the...

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Introducing Maureen Adams, Chair of ccha

This March, Heather Thomas stepped down as Chair of ccha after serving her two terms in the position. In her stead, we welcome Maureen Adams who joined us on the Board in January 2...

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