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In this month’s edition of Money Matters, we are looking at ways of saving money, and ensuring you are getting any top up of benefits you are entitled to.

Saving on your energy bills

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, having issues with your supplier, or want to know more about how energy is charged, you can visit the Ofgem Energy Aware website page to find links and resources.

Discounts on your water bill

WaterSure is a scheme which helps some people with their water bills.

To qualify for WaterSure you need to:

  • be on a water meter or have applied for one and be waiting for it to be installed, or be paying an assessed charge because it’s not possible to fit a meter at your property
  • be on certain benefits
  • have a high essential use of water

To apply, you need to fill out a form from your water supplier. To find out more about the scheme and the benefits, please visit the Citizens Advice website.

Are you claiming everything you are entitled to?

Even if you are working, you may be entitled to a top up of benefits. You can see if you are eligible by using the EntitledTo Calculator.

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