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A Resident’s story

It can be challenging to manage money when the unexpected happens, whether this be due to the cost of living, loss of work, someone passing away or if your health declines. But you aren’t alone. Our Income Team is here to help.

Today we talk about a resident with major health problems whom we have helped.

Health problems

A single resident with longstanding mental and physical health problems, who is in and out of work and surviving only on Disability Benefits (PIP) and a small amount of Occupational Sick Pay, had accrued multiple debts and was receiving daily phone calls and letters from Bailiffs.

Following significant periods of sickness over the last 2 years, rent arrears had risen to over £6000.00, and the resident was no longer entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. The resident was also struggling to put their heating on, which was further impacting their health both physically and psychologically. The benefits for disabilities were also stopped, which made it harder for our residents.

How could we help?

We immediately supported the residents with a emergency funds for food and fuel, enabling them to top up their utility meters and buy groceries the same day. We set up a Universal Credit claim to help with the rent and day-to-day living expenses and apply for an Advance Payment to cover the resident for the first 5 weeks.

We also appealed against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decision to stop disability benefits, which was successful and resulted in a substantial amount of back-dated money. The residents used to clear part of their rent arrears and contacted the council. Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) agreed to remove the remaining arrears, reducing the debt to zero.
It was important to support the resident in accessing Talking Therapies.

We partnered with a National Debt Charity to set up an affordable repayment plan with all but one of the debtors, which has stopped all the unwanted calls, letters, emails and texts and set up a separate payment for council tax arrears.
And at last, we referred to the Occupational Therapy department of the council for adaptions, including a wet room to make life at home more accessible for our resident.

In case you find yourself in similar situation, feel free to get in touch with our Welfare and Debt Officer Jane on 0800 054 6710 or by emailing


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