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As part of our strategic objective to put residents at the heart of our business, we have been working on setting Customer Service Standards. This is our commitment to provide you with excellent customer service.

We completed our resident consultation in 2021. Overall, we spoke to 162 of you either through door knocking or via phone calls. Thank you to everyone who took part, and if you didn’t get a chance this time, we hope to do more resident consultations in the future.

The new Customer Service Standards went live in April. We will be monitoring these standards each quarter to see how we are doing. Over time, we will look to develop and improve our standards to meet your needs.

What did you say?

Most residents we spoke to agreed with each standard we proposed.

A number commented that they wanted quicker response times, such as a call back within 24 hours rather than 2 working days or a call rather than waiting 5 working days for a response to a letter. We have considered these comments and are aiming to shorten response times in the future.

As many residents commented they do not or cannot visit the office, we will be continuing with pre-booked appointments only. This is to ensure when you attend, you can see a member of staff who can deal with your query.

It was noted that some residents have struggled to get through to the right person. With the standards in place of a call back within 2 working days, we hope to reduce the chances of this so we can deal with your queries more quickly.

ccha Customer Service Standards

We have set the below Customer Service Standards following the consultation, so you know what to expect from ccha when you contact us.

If you call us via our main number (020 8680 7532, or freephone 0800 054 6710), we will:

  • Answer the phone within 5 rings of you calling; after 5 rings, an automated messaging system will tell you the number you are in the queue.

This is to help you understand your place in the queue and whether you wish to stay on the line. The automated system will also provide our website address so you can visit it to find out other ways to contact us.

If we are not available to take your call, we will:

  • ‘Acknowledge’ your phone call by calling back within 2 working days. Complex queries may require more information from you and more time to investigate.

If the member of staff isn’t available at the time you call, we will call you back within 2 working days. In some cases, your query may not be able to be solved there and then, and more time will be required. However, staff will give you an idea of when they will be back in contact.

If you write to us, we will:

  • ‘Acknowledge’ receipt of your letter within the next working day by telephone or text to let you know it has been received.
  • Respond to your letter within 5 working days.

Many of you commented that you don’t write in, or if you do, you would want a call to acknowledge the letter. Others commented that 3 working days for a response is more acceptable, and this is something we will consider in the future.

If you email us, you will:

  • Receive an automated acknowledgement to your email immediately from our group email accounts, e.g., or, so that you know we have received it.
  • Receive a response to your email within 5 working days.

This will apply if you email a group mailbox. If you email individual staff members, you won’t get an automated acknowledgement, but they will respond to your email within 5 working days. When you do email us, please provide as much information as possible regarding your query so we can answer any questions quickly.

If you wish to visit us, please contact us first:

  • Our office is open to residents using a booking system for face-to-face appointments, which need to be made in advance to avoid a wasted trip.
  • When you contact us to make an appointment, we will aim to book you in to see someone within 7 working days.

As staff are working from the office and at home, they may not be available if you come into the office. To avoid wasted trips, we will be offering pre-booked appointments, which we aim to get you booked in for within 7 working days of you contacting us. Many residents commented that they do not visit the office, so they would not use this feature. However, we feel it is important to offer you the option of a face-to-face office appointment if you want it.

When you contact us:

  • We aim to ensure that you find us easy to deal with as your landlord.
  • We will treat you fairly and with respect.

We want to understand how you feel about the contact you have had with us so each year we ask you what you think about our service in the Satisfaction Surveys that an external company conduct on our behalf. We will be monitoring how we are doing on the above two questions to ensure our service is up to standard.

When do these standards apply from?

These standards and arrangements apply directly to ccha from 1 April 2022. We will publish how we are doing against them every quarter and will look to develop and improve them over time.

Currently, we have slightly different arrangements with our contractors. However, we will be working with them to produce their own standards, which will be published by the end of the year.

If you’d like to contact us, please do so on the details below.

Email us:
Call us: 0800 054 6710
Write to us: 29 Sheldon Street, Croydon, CR0 1SS

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