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Dear Residents, 

The ccha Board has recently met to discuss the low resident satisfaction scores reported at the end of March. Our mission is to deliver on our promises, and we have a specific aim to achieve high customer satisfaction. However, overall satisfaction with our service has dropped to 62%. This is the lowest figure we have recorded. We are sorry that we are not meeting your expectations. The level of service is not where we want it to be, and we can only apologise for this.   

The Board and the Leadership Team of ccha take responsibility for getting our service back on track. This is our number one priority. The resident survey indicates that the main reason for the lower satisfaction are issues with the repairs service. In the most recent survey, the most frequently commented reasons for dissatisfaction were timescales for carrying out repairs, outstanding or forgotten repairs, and staff not returning calls. There were also complaints of damp and mould in our homes, and the quality of some repairs.

We are working closely with our contractors to improve the repairs service and to address issues such as call handling, responding to queries and giving residents a better customer experience overall. We are in the process of recruiting two new staff members at ccha to focus on customer service and we plan to increase our on-site presence with more resident engagement activities and regular visits by our Leadership Team. We hope that you will start to see an improvement in the coming months. 

Once again, we are sorry that our service is not what it should be. We thank you for the feedback you have given us and your patience whilst we work on improvements. 

Yours sincerely,

Heather Thomas 

Chair of ccha on behalf of the Board

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