Financial Advice


If you are finding it hard to cover your outgoings or make your money stretch throughout the month, please contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.

If you need assistance with filling in benefit application forms, please contact Sharon Mortimer, our Income Officer, on: 020 8633 8768.


Money & benefit advice

Welfare & Debt Advice Officer, Jane White, can help you claim benefits you may be entitled to, as well as looking at other ways to help you if you are experiencing any difficulties with your finances. You can contact Jane on 07384255630 or email


Think you may be entitled to benefits? Use the Benefits Calculator and see what benefits you may be eligible for.

Universal Credit (UC)

If you are receiving either Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, please let them know about the rent increases coming into action from 1st April.

All changes need to be made once they have happened (i.e. after the rent has changed in April).  Residents on UC will need to report on their UC account the date of change.

Attention: Universal Credit claimants

If, due to being paid early, you have had 2 monthly wages falling into 1 Assessment Period and as a result you saw your UC award wiped out or reduced now you can ask for the second payment to be reallocated to the correct period.

At the moment you have to request this yourself because due to technical issues this is not done automatically.

If you need any help with this please contact the Welfare Benefits Adviser at ccha on 07384255630.

Universal Credit: One week of unpaid rent (2019)

Universal Credit is currently calculated by multiplying the weekly rent by 52 and then dividing by 12. However, this year there are 53 Monday’s, which means that by Universal Credit’s calculations there will be one week of rent not covered by UC. The DWP are currently assessing how to manage this, but as it currently stands, you will need to budget for one week of unpaid rent by UC.

We would suggest an additional payment of £5 extra per week or £22.08 extra per month into your rent account to cover the cost of this additional week.

What if the DWP decide to fund the additional week?

  • If your account is in arrears or not in advance of payments, your additional payment will be used to clear any arrears and bring your account in line with your tenancy agreement.
  • If your payments exceeded your rent charges, your account will go into credit or you can request a refund from our income team.


Reporting rent/service charge changes to UC:

Click here for a step by guide on reporting rent changes to UC.

If you have any questions, please contact our income recovery officers:

Sharon Mortimer:

Suzanne Hann:


Helpful Advice Leaflets:

We have created a range of leaflets to provide you with advice on a range of financial matters, these can be found here;

Money matters: Benefits leaflet

Money Matters: Debt Leaflet

Money Matters: Rent Leaflet

For any other queries, please contact our Income Team on: 020 8633 8768/8773 or email: