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Plan your shopping list.

Something nearly all of us are guilty of is buying things we don’t need when we go to the supermarket (especially when we’re hungry)! Planning your shopping list and sticking to it can help you prevent buying unneeded items and help you save some money! Alternatively, many supermarkets offer free delivery on online shops, which again, will help you stop buying things you don’t need when browsing in store.

Consider whether your car is a necessity or a convenience.

Cars are very expensive to run and maintain, often costing at least a couple of thousand pounds per year. It’s worth considering whether you really need it if money is tight. Transport links in and around London are often very frequent and trains can even be faster than driving.

Ask yourself whether you actually need a TV License

TV licences are expensive – £147.00 a year to be exact. Nowadays most popular channels such as BBC and ITV have catch-up services which allows you to watch the majority of their shows after they’ve broadcast, and the best part is, you don’t need a TV licence to watch them!




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