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94% of people in the UK now own a mobile phone, making the demand for both mobile phones and data contracts extremely high. Because of this, prices have been rising over the last decade, with some phones now reaching over £1000 to buy outright and some contracts reaching as high as £99 per month!

Because of this, we’ve put together 3 tips to try and help you save money on your mobile phone bill which we hope you will find useful!


Data – Do you REALLY need unlimited?

Large amounts of data are usually only needed if you are regularly streaming videos or uploading/downloading large files.

Not to mention, most public places have free Wi-Fi available. Starbucks, Mcdonalds even some train companies provide their customers with free Wi-Fiji.

So ask yourself – do you REALLY need unlimited data?

If not, it may be time to think about a reduced data plan, saving you £££ in the long run.


Insurance – it may not be worth it!

Don’t get me wrong, for some people, it definitely is needed. I for one have broken my phone more times than I care to remember. But for the more cautious people (those of you who buy screen protectors and bulky phone cases), the whole purpose of those items is to PROTECT your phone. Thus, if you trust yourself not to lose your phone, you are more than likely paying insurance for an item that doesn’t need it!


Consider buying phones outright, and then going with a cheap SIM only contract.

Many phones are offered on 2 year contracts with a SIM deal attached. These offers usually seem appealing at first glance, but be sure to consider the overall cost of the contract over its full span.

For example, new I-phone models are often available on 2 year contracts for around £80 per month with a decent SIM offer added on to that. This may seem reasonable at first glance, but over the course of 24 months this can total to nearly £2000!

Consider if this is worth it in the long run (maybe it is!), and if you think it’s not, it may be a better option for you to buy the handset outright and then purchase a SIM only deal on its own (from my experience – this often works out cheaper!)

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