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In the average UK household, we spend £61 per month on energy, totalling to around £734 per year. Why not check out our top three energy saving tips and save yourself some money!

Tip 1 – Don’t overdo it with the Kettle.

Many of us take our kettles for granted and will simply fill the water to the top and start to boil. Kettle’s use a vast amount of energy to produce heat quickly and can have a big impact on your total energy bill for the month. As such, try to only fill the kettle as needed and you’ll soon see your energy bill start to drop!

Tip 2- Switch off unused appliances.

Why leave your energy consuming appliances on when you don’t need them / aren’t even in? Switch them off at the plug sockets and you’ll certainly save yourself some money!

Tip 3 – Energy Saving Light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than the average light bulb and using one can save you approximately £40 over the lifespan of the bulb!

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