What is a complaint?

CCHA defines a complaint as “An expression of dissatisfaction about CCHA’s action, lack of action or standards of service, where an initial response has not proven satisfactory”.

This could include for example:

  • A failure to provide a service
  • Poor quality of service or a mistake that has been made
  • Dissatisfaction with a staff member’s behaviour
  • Being unfairly discriminated against
  • Being charged an inappropriate cost for a service
  • Dissatisfaction with a decision or the way that it was made

There are some matters that can’t be dealt with within our complaints procedure. Where possible we will refer these matters to a more appropriate person. These could include for example:

  • Where 6 months or more has passed from the date the matter occurred
  • Complaints by CCHA staff
  • Legal action
  • Reports or anti-social behaviour
  • Appeals against policy decisions
  • A first request for service, information or an explanation of our policies and procedures