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Repairs and Maintenance services – Mears Ltd

December 2017


Following amicable discussions between CCHA and Mears Ltd, a joint agreement has concluded upon changes to Mears Ltd delivering our repairs and maintenance contract.

From 9th October 2018 or by agreement, an earlier date, a new Service Provider/Providers will deliver our requirements. Having already commenced the process to procure new partners, rest assured we will keep you updated.

Mears remain committed to working with us during this transitional period to ensure that there is continuity of the high-level service obtained to date since the contract commencement in 2015.

The decision for change is in no way associated with Mears performance but more so upon their strategic direction of their business.

We will be writing to you again early next year with more specific information about the developments upon agreeing a new partner/partners to deliver your repairs and maintenance services.

We would like to reassure you that we will do everything within our power to ensure that this should not affect your services. If you do have any problems please contact us accordingly.


Tracy Cullen

Chief Executive


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