Board and Committee Members

ccha is overseen by a Board that monitors how we deliver services to residents, sets our strategic direction and establishes plans to achieve our key objectives. The Board provides systems of control and a framework of delegation to the Leadership Team and staff. As a provider of social housing, we are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing .

ccha complies with the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance 2015.

Heather Thomas
Chair of the Board
Tracy Cullen
Chief Executive/Board Member
Abigail Lock
Board member/Chair of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Neil Perrins
Board member/Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee
Carolyn Porretta
Board member/Chair of Development Committee
Mark Collins
Board member/Member of the Audit and Risk Committee/Member of Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Nancy Callender
Independent Audit and Risk Committee Member
Nathan Gravesande
Board Member/Member of Development Committee
Felicity Gentle
Independent Development Committee Member
Phiroze Mackenzie
Independent Development Committee Member
Marcella Jenoure
Board Member/Member of Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Julian Chun
Board Member/Audit and Risk Committee Member/Member of Development Committee